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New Vision Research is formed by a team of highly trained professionals to take care of your research project.

Our compromise


We excel for quality. Based on this, we look for a high profile in our team, offering to our professionals the best improvement courses and training which results in a great work. We suit each professional to the project's profile, in this way we always have the right person to the right audience.


We have an wide team of critics, verifiers, field research and CATI supervisors, besides an I.T. support team and coordinators highly capable to take care of your project with quality and quickness.

• 'Fala Web' Technology and VNC which allows remote monitoring of audio and image


• 'Tarifone' Technology which generate detailed reports of taxes on the Call Center agents in different file formats (Excel, Notepad, PPT slideshow).


• 'Easy Call' Technology which allows default and individual reports about the agents' activity frequency, time registration of beginning, break and end of work time.


• Calls recording systems.


• Automatic callings distributor


• Fast internet networking area


We guarantee the quality and confidence of our services to our customers by these tools:


• Real time monitoring by our auditors


• Our supervisors follow up each operator by complete reports generated by Easy Call Visor system.


• Periodic training to operators with information exchange and feedbacks


• Vigilance system with 24-hour cameras equipped with CFTV


• Hot drinks machine.


• Refectory for 40 people in a nice and warm environment


• 64 Service Points equipped with modern DIGITRO technology


• Dell Servers and Switch


• Embratel Dedicated Link, Telephone Station with DIGITRO for up to 110 service points.


• Automatic DIGITRO dialing system


• All the equipements are supported by No-Break devices


• Training Room


• Meeting Rooms


• Quick and eficient Help Desk