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Meet our research methods


Product Tests

We offer comparative, legal, optimization and customization data, supporting R&D departments to create a good and profitable product


Advertisement Evaluation

Appreciated not only by the Publicity Agencies but also by the advertisers, this method aims at measuring the recall and range level of each advertising. We collect information about the customer motivation, helping the companies to increase their sales and understand better their audience. These evaluation can be made before or after the placement.


Habits and Attitudes

Detailed studies used to collect data about an unknown or fast changing market area. This research offers information about the customers buying habits, their feelings about the products, the brand power and the chosen criteria at the purchasing moment.



Consist in speak periodically about one specific question in order to follow the answers' evolution during the time.


Customers Satisfaction Level

We interview the company's customers in order to analyse their satisfaction and loyalty levels. Then we offer high quality information to increase the company's methods, services and products. This is an special interview where we can discover real solutions for the company's needs.


Strategy and Concepts Tests

We analyse brand concepts, slogans, logotypes directly with the target audience.


Fairs and Congress

Used to know what the visitors appreciated most in the event and what could be improved, helping to organize future events.



Used to analyse appliances, mobile phones, cars and other big sized and high cost products. we accurately select the best place for product and team.




Deep Audio and Video Recorded Conversations

This kind of study aims to comprehend the consumers' necessities, motivations and behaviors. Different of Quantitative interviews, this one requires more complex and deep methods and analysis. Examples of this study are free interviews which the interviewed is allowed to speak freely about on topic, or the group discussions (also known as "Focus Group") where a analyser leads the group in a conversation and write a report about people's reactions and ideas - very useful before the release of a new product.


We also offer experimentation methods that help the companies to preview the customers reactions to the marketing actions. In this case, the company implements the actions in a reduced scale that can be measured and improved in a single variable of the marketing mix or even in the whole marketing strategy.



Specialized Interviewers apply questionaires in which they get Quantitative and Qualitative answers. After this, the non-parametric statistics are used to organize the data of small sample, fulfiling two research goals in one. This gives a solid base to make decisions and a richer publicity.



At home and leisure places with Psychologist interviewers. Highly exploratory method, counting, in some cases, with ilustrative and detailed material, prepared and sent previously to the interviewed to get used to the information.




New Vision Research selects, recruits and schedules interviews with individuals or legal entities, besides opinion formers, inside the highest quality control. All the names are previously checked at ANEP (National Association of Research Companies) about their participation or not in other studies.


Probabilistic Recruitment for Groups

When the desired profile is uncertain, New Vision will analyse the behavior in a big sample of candidates in order to carefully choose the best potencial segmento to participate in the Group Discussions. The results are greater than a conventional recruitment.


General Recruitment and Scheduling

We offer recruitment and scheduling for all the methodologies available, always counting with professionals and opinion formers, either from the Government, NGOs, Business, Financial Markets, Retail (small and big shopping centres) or individuals in general.


Mystery Shopper

We have a big database of qualified and selected people to realize every kind of simulated or effective purchasing with analysis of the distribution channels, sales, competitors, offers, promotions and advertisments in the Point of Sale, as well as product displays and other points.



Highly trained professionals able to promote and update your mailing list. We also offer the rent of teams or working stations for active and passive telemarketing.